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[23 Mar 2005|10:54am]
[ mood | guilty ]

Hello, my friends!

Would you believe it: I'm back again!

Yes, yes, I know it's been a long time since you heard from me - about four months, rally - but I'll jsut tell you a little about what I've been doing.

In December, especially round Christmas time, life became quite hectic. I've quite gotten used to this future business, but Christmas is always the same, wherever you are, wouldn't you say? Sorry if you felt I ignored you in any way - I reallt didn't mean to! Hope the cards I sent out reached you all...

January arrived, and I got an offer to do a modelling assignment. Tempted as I was though, I didn't take it on, for I haven't got the time. I really miss doing assignments and such, but no can do...

February was calmer, it really just passed in a daze. I don't know why that was, but I think I had a little fever there for a while.

Now, I hope I will be able to make up my absent time, and catch up on what has happened. I've really missed you guys so much!

Love you all,
Pattie ♥

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[06 Dec 2004|03:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]

boy so much has happened and unfortunately i've been too busy and a little lazy to update. hah.
working two jobs has been hectic, just a bit. but alas after today that will be no more. i quit my modeling job, yes i did love it, but it was too unstable and took too much of my time. so now i work only at the book store. its a nice job though.
I'm so happy that Astrid is pregnant, its so adorable, she's doing so well adn i'm so happy for her. We must go baby cloths shopping soon hah!
hmm not much has happened that you don't already know about.
I'm quite glad we finally found Brian.

You know its still hard for me to understand some of these shows they have on the telly. i watched this one show, fear factor, it was disturbing. it was one of those shows you turn off and hate yet something just can't make you turn off the telly. Some of the girls on the show ate cockroaches and other various bugs, it was so disturbing, i mean who would ever want to eat an insect. *shudder*
It made me loose my appitite for that night, although i have been experiementing with my cooking, so i cooked anyways. i'm thinking of trying to cook some mexican dishes.

Im also thinking of inviting everyone over for dinner sometime this week or maybe next week and i'm going to cook a ton of different dishes. i'll keep you all updated on the dinner party. haha and if any of the ladys want to help cook let me know, i'd ask you lads but i'm sure you all just want to eat the food instead of cooking it.

Currently i'm listening to "a hard day's night" the cd that George bought. it brings back so many memories *sigh* <3 I love listening to George sing "i'm happy just to dance with you." *sings along* hahah.

Well thats all for now.

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[25 Nov 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Wow. well doesn't time just fly.
Although this time i don't have much of an exuse. hah.
We found Brian! I'm quite glad about that, i was sure we lost him somewhere in this darn future. lol
so much as happened as well.
Mo and Dhani...still. i'm still a bit shocked, but i'm warming up to the idea. i still feel a bit bad for Ringo, but he does seem to be ....well....adjusting. *shrugs*
We all had dinner at James' a few nights ago. it went well. good food too and it was definately a good break from having to cook myself. hah. Julian came with Cyn, he looks so much like his father its amazing. Stu and Astrid were there also, wrapped up in themselves yet still social hah.
Then we had a girls night out, got almost smashed, well i shocked myself needs to say. haha. Anyways, girls night out was a lot of fun, and we had some interesting antics. James stopped by my work yesterday and informed me we were lucky we didn't get arrested haha.
Ringo is in a new band. I think its great that he's out making money, but...well what happened to the beatles staying together. and the tribute...well..band? haha. oh well. I wish Ringo luck in his endevers, i know he needs some space with the...Mo/Dhani thing.
Ah. well i'm still contimplating quiting a job, i think that the modeling job has to go, its so spiratic and takes too much time and although i love modeling...in this future time maybe its not the best thing to do.

I think George is dozing on the sofa right now. maybe i'll ring up Mo or Cyn or Jane and see if one of them wants to go to a bar or club or something. I feel the need to just get out of the house.

Anyone up for the night life? :)

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[20 Nov 2004|02:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

oh boy have things been busy.
The book store decided to have me working everday, and than nights at my modeling gig. its been so gosh darn hectic.

luckally things have slowed down a bit, i only work 3 days this week and modeling only one. i'm contemplating on quiting one job, but i haven't decided which one yet. the book store is a steady job, modeling is my passion...but not as reliable. oh well.

Julian knows we're here.

i'm tired as anything, so i think i'll take a nap and than make dinner.

and i have a lot catching up to do, since i've been so busy as of late.
i'll talk more when i'm feeling more awake.

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[02 Nov 2004|11:52am]
Oh wow. I’ve been quite busy of late.
In fact I have work in half an hour…woo. Work is getting bloody boring, but I do make good money from it.
Ringo has been missing. I’m getting a bit worried about him. I went with Mo to talk to him a while ago and he wouldn’t answer his door. I went back myself three nights ago and he didn’t’ answer his door. Either he doesn’t want to talk to anyone…or…he’s out on vacation to get away. Possibly.
Cyn and John are in the process of a divorce. This isn’t supposed to happen. I know John still loves Cyn and Cyn loves John…she just…well with the events at hand. I don’t blame her, but I am awfully glad they’re trying to work things out…and talk.
Dhani and James went to LA. I hear they had fun.
OH! And Sunday was Halloween. I didn’t really do anything special, just handed out some popcorn and candy to the little kids. Some odd costumes some of those children had. Nothing like in my day….oh dear, I feel so old right now. Haha.
James told Paul…err. Well his dad….umm. well you know who I mean…about US. I wonder what he’ll think. I wonder…

Well it’s off to work I go.

I have to go grocery shopping tonight.
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[25 Oct 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Boy Friday was hectic. Nothing just seemed to go right. I Left to go to work at the book store, I thought I would be early. As I started walking one last block to the store the sky burst open. Rain poured down, I got drenched. I was horrified. My work clothes soaked through. I arrived and my boss was kind about me looking like a wet rat, but he ordered me to dry myself and than get to work. So I tried. Than I worked from 9-4 feeling icky and wet the entire time. This one little old lady came into the store; I was working the cash register. 1st she couldn't find this one book, which I searched in the catalogue and we didn't have it. She kept insisting we do...oh it was so frustrating.

Than she claimed this book cost only 5 dollars....it cost 10 and she had me call the manager. Oh it was such a mess. This little lady drove me up the wall. Now I tried to stay composed and I succeeded, but bloody hell I was ready to just scream at her.

Than straight from work I headed over to my modeling job. I arrived 10 minutes late and got reprimanded for that. Than came the demeaning modeling in lingerie. I was embarrassed but I did it. And got it over with very quickly. Some of the younger boys that were also there modeling in their nice sports clothes said obscene things to me. Like "hey mama! Who’s your daddy." what is with the lingo these days? I don't understand it.

Than finally at around 9 I headed home. The rain had stopped. I decided to differ on my way home and walk through the park, true it was kind of out of my way, but I needed to cool down.

I saw Ringo, who was a mess. He was in tears. I tried to do my best to comfort him. But I wasn't sure what to do. Mo is one of my best friends....but poor Ringo. I just let him talk and get everything off his chest. I gave him a huge hug, hopping he'd feel better. Than I walked with him to his home...although I don't know if he went in...Than headed home myself..bloody rain started again. *arg*.
Mo showed up at our house about Midnight. She was drenched. The poor dear. Jane and I comforted her the best we could. George left as soon as she came in, he probably sensed Dhani needed him.

Anyways, onto more news.
Cyn wants a divorce from John....I feel bad for her. It must be hard on her knowing that John and Paul....well....everything is so confusing. Cyn Jane and Mo are probably going to get a flat together. last time I heard they were looking for one. Mo and Dhani....again. Poor Ringo, Poor Mo, Poor Dhani. Paul moved in with John, who bought a small apartment Pete is renting a hotel room...Jane is still seeing Pete.
James and Dhani are going on a holiday, just to get away from everything, I think it may be a good idea…since...well what’s going on….

The world has gone bloody crazy, but it's gonna be alright. I'll just be happy when....if....we can get back to 1964....at least than I didn't know this...at least than...you know what I don't know.

As I’ve learned from 2004, you just have to take things as they come.

You know as I sit here…..I don’t know if I like 2004, I miss 1964….I’ve seemed to adjusted to the times….but…I…oh its too complicated. Nevermind.

OH! And after an early shit at the book store, who walked in but Stu Sutcliffe. Now I never really knew him, but I’ve seen pictures and I’ve heard much about him.
He had walked in inquiring for directions…I can’t remember to where he wanted to go, but I started talking to him. I told him who I was…and well when it all comes about to it. I invited him back to the house for dinner, and to stay until he can find Astrid…who I thought was here….but I haven’t seen since the rumor. I’m not really sure what I’m saying anymore….Stu and George are talking about old times and all the crazy things that have happened catching him up on the times…
which reminds me i should start dinner....hah.

I’ve been so busy…so many things happening….now Stu showing up…..It also makes me wonder whatever happened to Brian….
Too much.

Dear 1964, I miss you….i want to come home. Love, Pattie.

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[21 Oct 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Bloody hell!??!?!?!?!?

What is happening to us? have we already begun falling into ways we're not supposed to fall into yet....or at all....?
Am i the only sane one here? George says i keep him sane, but he keeps me sane. *sigh*

Mo and Dhani
Paul and John
Jane and Pete
I must say i never saw all this happening.

To keep my mind off of the dastardly events i went for a walk by myself before dinner, leaving George Paul Jane Pete and whoever decided to go to my house today to fend for themselves for dinner...i just didn't feel like cooking, and i still don't.
I went to the park and walked around the little path they have...Just walking and walking, thinking and walking. Than i sat down on the bench and just watched other people walk and run and walk their dogs. this one lady had an adorable puppy, he leaped right into my lap and started licking my face. i adore dogs.
I saw James walking and i waved him over, we sat on the bench and talked a bit until the sun started to set about everything that was happening. My anxiety and how everything feels like its falling apart. He was a very good listener, and thank you James for just listening. it was nice to talk to someone who isn't George. James told me about the conversation he had with his father, wow.
George had talked with Dhani, i think it's a good thing and that maybe..that conflict may be solved. but with the way everything is going, i don't have much faith in that.

Turns out George and Pete ate more Cinnamin toast crunch. big surprise, eh? hah. Paul was with John...somewhere.
The tension in the house is.....it can be cut with a knife. I don't know what to say to anyone anymore. i was to just scream at everyone, but i do understand where they're all coming from....its just...hard. very hard.

hmm. i have work all day tomorrow, i work at the book store from 9 to 4 and than i have a modeling shoot. I wasn't supposed to have one tomorrow, but they needed me to model in place of that girl Shelly i was telling you about earlier. I get to pose tomorrow in lingerie sprawn across a bed, a bit suductive for my nature, but i was threatened to be fired if i don't..and since i love modeling i consented that i'd do it.
and sorry boys, tomorrow's dinner will have to be fetched for yourselves as well.
which reminds me i need to grocery shop soon...eventually....

I think i may go to bed early. maybe.

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[20 Oct 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Boy When things strike they strike big.
First Mo and Dhani, now John and Paul. I suppose that almost explains why they haven't been inviting George with them. Everyone is kissing everyone.
Dhani came out of his room, he wants to talk to George. George is...will be...his father. Either way i'm encouraging George to go meet him somewhere, i hope they'll do it today. James is going too, which i think is a good idea.
I went with Mo and Cyn yesterday to see Napolian Dynomite. It was quite entertaining, funny, amusing. It was nice for a night out with the girls. We talked about everything. Everyone seems to have some sort of drama in thier lives except me, although i don't want to jinx this now. :X
George is pacing, the telly is blaring, John and Paul are out, Jane is at work, Pete is watching the telly, i'm typing this have dinner in the oven.
There really isn't much to say.
Tomorrow i have my modeling work. We're getting dressed up in evening wear for this store Macy's i think its called. i always loved dressing up, but the clothes these days are much more reaveling than i'm used to. Most of the days that i go there, its been me, this girl named Shelly, and this boy named Joseph. They're nice and fun to talk to.I try to pretend that i've never modeled before, but heck i've been modeling my entire life. :) Anyways, Shelly and Joseph invited me out to dinner after our photo shoot, i'm still contimplating on whether to go or not. Probably not, its hard enough acting like i'm not Pattie Boyd, especially since i look so much like....ME! Its a lot easier to dodge their questions when I'm being instructed how to stand. I'm not sure how i'd be able to avoid questions about who i am...I jsut dont' know how to not be me. oh well.

I suppose i should tend to my chicken, or it'll burn and Pete and George will try to get away with eating just cinnamin toast crunch. same ol' same old.

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[19 Oct 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | conflicted emotions ]

Boy have things began to go downhill. i was just getting comfortable in this time. i've been working too much and i've bascially missed being there for my friends. so i'm cutting down on my work load, thinking of even dropping the modeling job...although i love modeling...so maybe i'll drop the book store job...i'll have to ponder on that... I love modeling though, its funny the cloths that they make us models wear. anyways, thats not the point.
in one respect i want to be mad at Mo for kissing Dhani but i can't. She's always been a good friend for me...and even though..with..George, well that hasn't happened yet..it still bothers me, like i have to be on my guard or something, but Mo wouldn't do that. maybe i shouldn't think about that anymore.
Paul and Jane have been getting recozy since she came back. Paul is spending lots of time with John, i know George feels a bit left out, but i've been encouraging him to just force his way into their outings or talk to Paul about it. He promised he'd try. He needs some guy nights out. So hey Paul, John, Pete, Ringo, etc include George in your outings. I love spending time with my love, but he missed you guys.
hmm.Cyn is pregnant, i feel spiteful but glad for her. A New baby will be interesting, we went baby clothes shopping, i loved looking at all the little outfits.
Bascially i've been with George, or by myself...I've been needing some alone time to sort out conflicting feelings.
....I think I'm gonna go for a walk. maybe visit Pete at work, or see if Cyn is working...or..visit Mo..Dhani, James....or...just do something.

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[18 Oct 2004|03:43pm]
Wow. Guys, so much has happened and I’m half way out the door as usual. I took the modeling job under a…well fake name Patricia Boline. yeah so its not too...original..but its the best i could do on such shrot notice, so bascially now i'm working at the book store on certain days 3 days a week, the days chance from week to week though, i suppose thats good. than about once a week they call me in and take pictures of me for magazines like "seventeen" and "Kohls" catologs. *shrugs* it feels good to model again though. even though George isn't estatic about my job, and working a lot. but its the 21st centry...(oh god how weird that sounds).
the football game was quite fun.
Cyn being pregrant. well its fun for us gurls cause we get to baby clothes shop, almost makes me want a kid of my own....but not really, i'm not ready for that kind of responsibility yet...(but than again i read that i never had children...bumer)
hmm. what else. oh my! the time. i got to get down to the book store. i get to stock shelves today, someone come visit me. :/ hah
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[05 Oct 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | busy ]

'ello everyone.
I just wanted to let you all know i'm still here. :)
I've been quite busy, as everyone know with my job at the book store. i also talked with a man who runs a modeling agency, he wants to take some photo of me o see if i'm cut out to be one of his magazine models.. i think i'll go to give it a try. not sure if i'll accept the job though.
anyways, i'll explain more when i have a bit more time.
i have to cook dinner now . George Pete and Paul are complaining hah. and they're threatening to eat more cinnamin toast crunch cereal. hah they have it all the time, i'm starting to think its not too heathy having cereal three times a day. hah.

all the same. i'll have more later. :)

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[27 Sep 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Oh man, I’m sorry I’ve been so busy…I got a job at the bookstore. I basically just organize books alphabetically…boring, but I’m getting paid so that’s good.
Now about the dinner that was a few days ago…. If I were to sum it up in one word…it’d be “wow”. But since I know you want more than one word…..
Dhani and James McCartney, Paul’s son, came early. I cooked like a madwoman, while dhani and George got acquainted. They played guitars together….its was…so touching, I was in tears what can I say. Dhani and George look so much alike, he’s such a beautiful child,,,even though he’s older than us right now….i wish I could say he was mind instead, but George and Oliva did well.
Heh. Than Maureen and Ringo came and brought some grilledcheese,. Than John and Cynthia showed up, I was surprised john showed up, but I would say I was glad he came. Than came Yoko. She seems very interesting, and unique in her own ways, I could tell Cynthia was uncomfortable, I felt for her. Paul and James kind of hit it off right way, I thought so at least. Anywho. Dinner itself was interesting, everyone enjoyed the food I slaved over. Which was good. Yoko talked a lot, starting at john most of the time. He returned most of her glances, I was…surprised, but than again from what I read there was an instant attraction between john and yoko…I just wish it hadn’t been at my dinner table, but then again I think I could have figured that this would happen from the history of everyone that I read. *sigh*
anyways, that was dinner. All in all I think it was interesting.
Oh I feel so bad for poor Mo, she went walking and almost got run over by a insane bicyclist. Thankfully Dhani and James were there to help her. She broke her ankle I think. Poor thing. She is the first of us to experience the leap in medical attention though. Heh. (don’t know if that’s a good thing or not hah)
Anyways, pete has been a big help, and dear you don’t have to pay me and George for anything, just your company when everyone is out is enough.
I made Maureen my famous chicken soup. She enjoyed it. I visited her yesterday, the poor thing. Lol.
I have to get to work soon. You should come visit me in at the book store. :)

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[21 Sep 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Ah well I’ve been very...negligent of this little journal. I’ve been quite busy caring or my George, who is sick, although getting better. :)
I’ve also inquired for a modeling job, but they told me they'd call me. I guess it was a problem because I look...to much like myself. *shrugs* I found two other...normal everyday jobs that are hiring and I’ve inquired about. Both told me they'd hire me. so now I as your opinion, (since I don't think the modeling agent will call me back) I could either work at the grocery store where I do my shopping as a cashier...or I could work in a quant little book shop just down the street from my flat. I think I’ll go tomorrow with my decision. I’m learning towards the bookshop...mainly because I already spend enough time shopping at the grocery store. Hah. What do you think?

Anyways, I know that you're all wondering about the dinner with Yoko. Well...its tomorrow. She stopped by before I went out job searching, I ran into her half way out the door. She expected to come in right away, but I told her to just come back tomorrow at around 6. I EXPECT all of you to be there. I don't really want to be alone with this Asian bird. She seems nice....but...odd. And since I know that she breaks up Cynthia and john, I’m a bit skeptic about her.

Moving on, I’ve been listening to some of the Cds that John lent George. I kind of like some of the rock music…but the rap music is hard on the ears. :-/ I’ve also listened and bought the Beatles…well…later… Cds.

Pete Best has moved into my flat with Paul, Jane, George, and I. He is sleeping on the sofa, cause Paul and Jane have the guest room and George and I the master bed room of course. Pete is a darling soul though. I can understand how and why he holds resentment towards Ringo. Although, I’ve know Ringo a lot longer.

Anyways, I still haven’t met Dhani, and I hope he’s doing well….i heard he told Olivia about us…about George. Hmm. Dhani if your reading this please come to diner tomorrow…I’m not sure how I should deal with Yoko.

Oh! Also, Ringo had a wonderful idea about him, Paul, John, and George to start…a sort of Tribute band of…themselves. Who better to play the Beatles than the Beatles themselves? Hah. Now that I think of it I have heard of Beatles tribute bands…so I think it would be a fun band for the boys…and they can make a good amount of money just playing their own music.

Well that’s basically all I have to say right now.
I think I may check on George, he’s taking a nap as I type.
He looks so sweet and angelic as he sleeps. :)

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[13 Sep 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | content ]

Wow. A lot has happened since I last wrote here…this…thing.
Paul and George have been trying to get in touch with Dhani, but he’s not ready to see George...his…father….no. George. It must be hard for him considering the George he knew died almost 3 years ago. *sigh* poor kid. I wonder what he’s like, if he’s George’s son, he must be amazing, I hope he’s as musically talented as his father.
Anyways, Cynthia and Maureen have made their way here to this time as well. John is quite happy to have his Cyn back. Haha I can’t say I’d blame him. I’d be in shambles if I didn’t have my George <3.
And Maureen. Well I know Ringo is ecstatic. Haha. He went out looking for a drum set a day or so ago and got one. Sad to say so far he hasn’t been able to really set it up, or keep it up at least due to the lack of space.
Speaking of space, Cyn and Maureen both have mentioned that they have space in their flats, so we could, well have our own space. Hah. And it may save us the time and money trying to buy a huge house. *shrugs* either way.
You know what I also heard, Pete Best is here too. I never really knew him other than Ringo replaced him on the drums. Paul is taking care of him though, and we can soon rescue him and bring him to us so he’s not alone.
Brian Epstien is somewhere here as well. I thought I saw him yesterday as I was coming back from the grocery store, but as I tried to get a better look he was gone.
As I sit here ….typing this… oh what typewriters have become. Strange, so strange. ….Ringo is with Maureen at her flat, John is at Cynthia’s, Paul and Jane have gone out…to the movies, or shopping or job hunting….I forget what they told me. Hahah. George is playing his guitar. Oh how I adore him.
Its rather peaceful. <3
An Paul bought a puppy. >.< haha. Or at first I was mad, I mean at this time we don’t need a dog mucking up my flat, but its such an adorable puppy and I feel in love with ‘em. Nigel. Or at least that’s what john calls him. Hah.
Hmm. Speaking of John, this weird Asian lady rang my doorbell today, she asked for John, I told her he wasn’t here, she gave me the weirdest look and walked away. I was rather perplexed. Oh well.
That’s all for now. I miss my 60s. But at least I got all my friends here.
Mo and Cyn and Jane. We must go shopping, maybe try out some of the fashions, within reason of course. Hah. I don’t think I could go around in one of those shirts that exposes your entire stomach. Err.
Alright, I’m just rambling now. So I’ll end this….right…here. :)

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[06 Sep 2004|02:02pm]
[ mood | determined ]

How time flies. It started out as 1964 and now its all of a sudden 2004. hmm.
Anyways, Paul found us. :) he and Jane are so cute together.
OH! And Ringo finally got back in from America, he told us all about the planes they have these days, much different from the 60s he says.
Haha. me flat is fillin up pretty fast. We desperately need a new house. Haha we got john on the couch, paul and jane on the floor, Ringo’s been in the bathtub, which is a bit of a nusance when I need a shower in the morning hah. I also feel bad because no one has been sleeping well. Can’t say I blame ‘em. I’m just thankful that me and George get the bed. Heh.
I vote house hunting…soon. Maybe we can find Dhani again and get him to help….but since we look like….well who we are, it may cause problems…maybe we can dress in disguise. Hah. That may be fun. Although we need Dhani’s knowledge…of ‘now’ and house prices.
Paul and Jane are looking for jobs. Which I think is a good idea, since well…we don’t have an unlimited amount of money. Maybe we should all look for jobs, although I don’t know how. Since we look like….ourselves (I never thought being me would cause such a problem….well not since the fans got crazy over me dating my George. Heh).
At least we’re almost all together. Maureen’s gone…somewhere. Paul thinks she might have gone to find Ringo in America…well I hope she finds her way back…soon. Cynthia is no where to be found yet. Although we know Brian is somewhere. We should find him too. We 1960s people need to stick together. Hah.
Oh that reminds me, they show movies and the telly a lot different. Paul and Jane were telling me of how the cinemas are. They went to see one of the Beatles movies. A movie they….will made…made….well you know what I mean. Oh I remember A Hard Days Night. <3 haha and Help I heard was good. Maybe we could all go see it sometime.
Everyone seems to love the Cinnamon toast crunch breakfast cereal. I like it too. Heck the way everyone eats it I should just buy the cereal and nothing else. Lol. Although I do like to cook an old fashioned type dinner once and a while. And well no one complains about my cooking. lol
Hmm. As I was thinking there are some interesting….werid….crazy….but funny shows they have on the telly these days. I say this cause John is watching the telly now. Guitar in his lap. I think he forgot he was playing. Hah. I wonder what the show he’s watching is called. Its got cartoon characters on it. Yellow characters. Oh he says its….the Simpson’s. hmm. Interesting show I must say, that fat man does pretty stupid stuff.
Oh ha. I suppose that’s all I have to say right now. I may need to go grocery shopping again, heck I’m there a lot. Well feeding 6 people is a lot. Maybe I’ll get a job at the grocery store hah…or not. Maybe I should start modeling again. I always loved that. I’d have to get a different name though, no one will believe that I’m Pattie Boyd.
I miss the 60s. Although I’m trying to adjust to this new time…its hard. But until we figure out how to get home…well, we’re stuck here. lol. Might as well get used to it! :)

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I'm Happy Just To Dance With You :) [03 Sep 2004|12:13am]
Oh My, well last night Me and George decided to go out exploring, and to find all our friends. :) it was a fun adventure. We started out heading to the studio, cause George said he heard John was near there. Geroge got hungry so we went into a nearby resturant. and who do we see in there? JOHN! lol. it was soo good to see him. i gave him a huge hug, then we ate. then it was off to find Jane, cause she was the only other of our friends that we knew was here. We picked her up and we all decided to come back to my flat. oh we had so much fun. haha. John and George played a bit for me and Jane. Jane was feeling a bit blue because we can't seem to find Paul, i hope he comes soon. Which reminds me we should find Ringo and everyone else...maybe buy a huge house to live in. haha. as much as i love everyone in my flat it is getting a bit crowded. hah. although i don't know how much those big houses cost.
hmm. we need more food. who wants to go grocery shopping? lol

I could have sworn i saw a George look alike across the stree yesterday when i was walking with George on our 'adventure'. meaning i think i saw dhani. i wonder if we could find him and George and him could...talk...i mean he's George's son...even though Dhani is currently older than George...oh its so confusing lol

hmm. I vote as soon as we find everyone we have a huge party and our beatles will play. hah. that gives motivation to find everyone :) haha

ah. John and George are playing again , i'm going to go make some popcorn and listen. :)
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[31 Aug 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ah well yesterday, I headed over to the studio to get George. It was very confusing, normally I would go straight to the studio no problem, but I guess since times have changed…oh it was so different. I got lost a few times, I had to ask this nice man….I was frightened to do so though. He has this huge jeans on, they seemed to be 5 sizes too big, like he was swimming in the bloody things. He gave me directions, and off I went again, I was getting some strange looks as I walked down the street. I also heard some whispers and I thought I heard my name. I just focuses on my destination.
Well I arrived at the studio. There was a security officer type person out front of it so I asked him “if George was in there,” and if so, did he know where. Well I got the most peculiar look, “George Harrison?“ I asked again, maybe he didn’t understand me….then he asked if I was daft. I scoffed! Call me daft will you! Ugh. He made me mad.
Well since I knew George was in there somewhere, I pushed past him then basically worked my way slowly around the studio until I found George sprawled out in a chair, reading a magazine. Oh it was so good to see him, even though it was in fact only a few days since I saw him last, in those few days more 30 years pasted. *sigh* either way it was wonderful being with my George again.
We then decided to go grocery shopping for my flat, since I was running low on food. We went to this huge supermarket at first. They have these automatic doors, that open when you walk up to them, it was so strange. They have so much food in those stores too, 50 different cereals all in strange colored boxes. Well George and I bought some food, probably more than needed, we got some new kinds of food too. This cereal that has cinnamon on it “cinnamon toast crunch” I think it was called. then some chicken. Some soda, “coke” and “pepsi”. Times have definitely changed. its all so confusing. : /
Anyways, as we were checking out, this one lady asked me “are you pattie boyd?” “yes” I said back wondering why it was so strange that I would be in her store. “You must have had some surgery or somein’.” “WHAT?!” I demanded. Then realizing in this 2004 and I’m much much older. So I just shut up.
All the same I played for my groceries than George and I came back to my flat. I cooked some dinner for us. And we just lounged around together watching those crazy shows they have on the telly. The people on the telly have become so stupid and their bands they have on…oh what was it called. …M..TV? I think. Rap….it sounds dreadfully horrid. Ugh.
Anyways, that was my yesterday, George and I are planning to visit Ringo today. But shhhh don’t tell him ;) hahah. Although he’ll probably read this and figure it out anyways.
Luv you all!

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[30 Aug 2004|11:54am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Oh my. Well Yesterday I spent my entire day in doors, exploring "my" flat, and this computer machine thingy. Its very interesting. I was "surfing the net" (isn't that what they call it? oh well I hope I’m not getting these words wrong) All the same, I found that George (My George <3 haha) has a livejournally thingy. Like this one I made. And Ringo is here too. And Jane and Maureen. I hear that more are coming back from the 60s to this future time too….you know I was thinking if they can get from the 60s to this 2004 time, I wonder if we can get back to the 60s…back..home? *Sigh*
When I was surfing the ‘net’. I found out that George and I get married, then divorced, then me marries some Olivia bird, they have a kid that looks very much like George himself. The Beatles break up…..John and George die. :( I don’t like this time too much, at least I know that the George and John and Ringo and Paul and Jane and everyone are from my 60s time…although….if they also exist in 2004 does that mean…they can visit themselves…I could visit myself. Wow. That would be strange…too strange.
Oh dear, now I’ve upset myself. *sigh*
I’m thinking of venturing out to at least get some food….does anyone want to venture out to the grocery store with me?
Alright, the day is young, and I must figure out what the bloody hell is going on here! :)

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Now how did I bloody get in the future? [29 Aug 2004|03:48pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Umm. Well ‘ello everyone?
Hmm. Well, Guys…help? I mean What’s going on here?!
I went to bed in my comfortable flat and now I awake to this …..and I was …..here. A strange room, in a strange new world. This…computer. I believe that’s what this thing I‘m tying on is called.. Is an interesting contraption that needs getting used to. I look outside and see these flashy automobiles zooming down the street at like a hundred miles an hour. People dressed in pants around their ankles and sideways hats…it’s a bit frightening to comprehend right now…..*sigh*
I was told by some strange ol’ man, that my dearest George is somewhere here, and Paulie, and John and Ringo as well. He also hinted that others may be coming like Maureen and Jane, Linda, Cynthia? I’m not sure. the little ol' man just came up to me when i first steped out of te door of my flat and said in a hushed tone that I wasn't brought this time alone. he was a strange ol' man. i wonder how he knows all this. but after telling me that he almost disappeared. for i looked away for only an instant and then looked back and the ol' man was gone.
Oh! I’m so confused! Bloody hell!
This world of….2004 I think it is. 1964 to 2004. Time flies. *sigh*
If anyone gets this, on please let me know that you’re alive and near. I’ve never felt so alone, this place is so strange and I’m afraid to go outside. And I’m running low on food in this…my? (I guess it would be mine…I’m living in it…but it doesn’t look much like mine..oh dear!) apartment.


Love, Patti

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